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Welcome to Central Loudoun Little League (CLLL), where "Promoting the spirit of Little League Baseball" is our motto and our vision. CLLL is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization chartered by Little League International. Our league is funded entirely by registration fees, fundraising, concession profits, and sponsor donations.

CLLL prides itself on being an organization that teaches the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play to all of the children in the community. With approximately 1,500 participating boys and girls, CLLL is a volunteer organization managed by a Board of Directors and operated by dozens of dedicated volunteers.

CLLL is affiliated with the Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services and the Town of Leesburg Parks and Recreation Department and a member of District 16 Little League. District 16's serves Loudoun and Fauquier Counties and their respective Little League Programs (Central Loudoun LL, Dulles LL, Loudoun South LLUpper Loudoun LL, Lower Loudoun LLGreater Fauquier Baseball and Loudoun Girls Softball).

We look forward to your family's participation. See you on the field.


Summer Camps

CLLL has the following camps available for registration:

  • DST - Offering both Indoor and Outdoor options.  Visit for more info.
  • Fielder's Choice - visit at to register and to view all camp offerings
  • Colangelo Baseball - register online at 
  • Diamond Elite - register online HERE

Check out the flyers in the Camps & Clinics section of our DOCUMENTS page

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DICK'S Sporting Goods Coupons

Did you miss our CLLL day at DICK'S this month?  No worries.  Feel Free to print and use these DSG Coupons any time, at any store 

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So What is an Adult Game Coordinator?

Adult Game Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Must be an adult (18+ years of age). Must have a background check and be designated as an Adult Game Coordinator by the League.  Use our Registration Site to sign up
  • The game cannot start without an approved Adult Game Coordinator recognized by both teams. The Home Team provides the Adult Game Coordinator. In the absence of an Adult Game Coordinator from the home team, both teams may agree to use an Adult Coordinator from the Away Team
  • May not be a manager or coach of either team.
  • May only preside over 1 game at a time.
  • Be present at pre-game meeting and contribute if needed. Make sure that your name is in the official scorebook.
  • Be present at the game at all times.
  • Oversees the conduct of all players, managers, coaches, and umpires. Is authorized to eject managers, coaches, players, and persons not authorized to be on the playing field.
  • Stop play for inclement or unsafe playing conditions.

Adult Game Coordinators CANNOT:

  • Over-rule any umpires decision. Adult Game Coordinators DO NOT make decisions on the field and DO NOT make any rule interpretations.
  • Remove any umpire from the game.

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We are now using the new for daily field status updates. CLLL will look to post field status by 4:15 pm each weekday, and by 8:00 am each weekend morning after coordinating with volunteers that review Good Times Park as well as Loudoun County and Town of Leesburg Parks and Recreation Departments. 

If you see green, the field is playable.; red indicates cancelled and a reference to "N/A' means game or practice time decision or the field status is unknown or yet to be updated by that time.


There are circumstances where the weather does not cooperate or changes after 4:15 pm on weekdays or 8:00 am weekends, so please use good judgement and stay in contact with your child's manager for more information.

For events on the weekend, even if morning activities are cancelled that is not necessarily an indication that all of the day's activities are cancelled. After further review of the fields, certain facilities may re-open later in the day.

You can always check school fields on the County rain line as well at 703-777-0456.

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I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws 
I will play fair 
And strive to win
But win or lose 
I will always do my best

Belmont Ridge MS - Lansdowne TBD (5/3) 
Benner Field - Warrenton TBD (5/3) 
Bolen 6 TBD (5/3) 
Bolen 8 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen Park #10 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen Park #11 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen Park #3 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen Park #5 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen Park #6 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen Park #7 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen Park #8 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen Park #9 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Bolen-6 TBD (5/3) 
Brentsville High School - Nokesville TBD (5/3) 
Briar Woods High School - Ashburn TBD (5/3) 
Byrnes Ridge #1 - South Riding TBD (5/3) 
Cactoctin-ES TBD (5/3) 
Catoctin ES - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Claude Moore #4 - Sterling TBD (5/3) 
Claude Moore #5 - Sterling TBD (5/3) 
Dominion High School - Sterling TBD (5/3) 
Douglass CC - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Evergreen Mill CAGE - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Evergreen Mill ES - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Evergreen Mill ES Gym - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Foltz Field - Sterling TBD (5/3) 
Frank Mann - Alexandria TBD (5/3) 
Freedom - Casciano - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Freedom - Huber - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Freedom - Mayr - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Freedom - Reavis - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Freedom Park - Huber TBD (5/3) 
Freedom Park - Huber TBD (5/3) 
Freedom Park - Reavis TBD (5/3) 
Front Royal - Champions - US 522 Front Royal TBD (5/3) 
GTP - Barrett - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
GTP - Barrett CAGE - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
GTP - Bohince - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
GTP - Bohince CAGE - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
GTP - Concessions - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
GTP - Founders - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
GTP - Founders CAGE - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
GTP - Murphy Building - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
GTP- Barrett TBD (5/3) 
GTP-Bohince TBD (5/3) 
GTP-Founder TBD (5/3) 
Harper Park MS - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Harper-Park-ES TBD (5/3) 
Heritage High School - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Leesburg - Tillet #1 - Ashburn TBD (5/3) 
Leesburg Annex - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Lucketts CC - Lucketts TBD (5/3) 
Lucketts Community Park - Lucketts TBD (5/3) 
Lucketts ES - Lucketts TBD (5/3) 
Lucketts Park - Lucketts TBD (5/3) 
Mickey Gordon Park - Loudoun TBD (5/3) 
Park View High School - Sterling TBD (5/3) 
Providence Field #3 - Fairfax TBD (5/3) 
Riverside High School - Lansdowne TBD (5/3) 
Robinson Park - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Rock Ridge High School - ashburn TBD (5/3) 
Rock Ridge High School - Ashburn TBD (5/3) 
Ronald Reagan MS - Haymarket TBD (5/3) 
Scott Jenkins Memorial - Hamilton TBD (5/3) 
Seldens Landing ES - Lansdowne TBD (5/3) 
Simpson MS #1 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Simpson MS #4 - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Smarts Mill MS - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
The Worship Center - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Tillet #3 - Ashburn TBD (5/3) 
Tolbert TBD (5/3) 
Tolbert ES - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Tuscarora High School - Leesburg TBD (5/3) 
Woodbridge - Vets 3 - Woodbridge, TBD (5/3) 
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